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    Yunchang Song
    Everybody is good, welcome to the Web site of WuLong!

    Zhejiang Wulong Chemical Industrial Stock Co.Ltd establish so far, just because friends from all walks of life at to support and show loving care for continuously 5 dragons, And WuLong all colleague's hard cultivation and paying , let WuLong be developed and grow up strong and sturdy continuously. Looking forward to the future, WuLong are cherishing the heart feeling grateful, the achievement of pursueing being outstanding further, Present the society back and forth, serve customers.

    The arrival of new century, Internet served enterprise vs. society, offered a fast mutual passway again. We will serve customer better through this website. Listen to user's sincere suggestion and criticism, offer the service of goods information in time, Promote and exchange effectively, develop together. Today of economic globalization, WuLong are based on talent, starts an undertaking in science and technology, And with the attitude, fine quality, service of perfection of sincerity, become the friend who you relied on forever.

    Welcome you to often come to Web site of WuLong!
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